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Nobody has more fun!


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This is where I will start putting random and old photos. Some of these may simply be links to large pictures, or the pictures might just display here with or without a caption. In other words this is where I put everything else that I just can't figure out anywhere else to put it.

Here is John in Newington Connecticut, where we find him at the famous W1AW station where he took over the microphone for several hours and put PORN on the air on the East Coast. Having worked stations from the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA and now from the ARRL headquarters we can say that PORN has now spread from coast to coast.


This is Everton, ZZ3NOD (left) from Brazil and John, N8EOD at a going away party for Everton who is returning home for a short time and then moving to Australia where he has a job waiting for him. Everton first came to the US and lived with John and his family for a year to learn English and about Americans. During his recent visit to the US, Everton came out with John to join us at a PORN meeting on Thursday night.


John travels alot and is planning a long trip in October to operate on board the International Space Station. After completing his duties at the Nasa Mission Training Grounds in Houston, Texas, this photo was taken.

Some concern was raised about John's involvement in PORN, but it has been determined that all participants on the ISS are adults and that they were capable of making their own decisions. John has been given a letter by the President endorsing PORN in communications efforts.


This is John N8EOD operating the radio room onboard the Queen Mary. Yes, the famous ship named the Queen Mary. John often finds himself working in California and visits the radio room so often, they have given him a key to the radio room and make him wear a uniform. This photo was taken in March 2008 while John was operating one of the HF radios. (Just for the record, this one is real).


John, submitted the new photo above while wearing his WMPORN hat just to not be outdone by Joe Walsh and another honorary crew member who had their picture taken aboard the Queen Mary in the radio room with their WMPORN hats.


This is the new car recently purchased for our local Official Observer. Don't know what an Official Observer is? You did pass your test for amateur radio right? To find out more about what an Official Observer (commonly called an OO that's oh, oh not double nuaght this ain't the Beverly Hilbillies) please take a nice sunday afternoon read of Part 97 of the Federal Communications Commissions rules and reglations.


This photo was taken at the WMPORN Field Day operation. We had been putting up antennas as high as we could on whatever structure we could find for years. Well, this time we decided that if we got the operating position a little higher we could just drop the antennas out doors and windows and other various holes in trailer. This also eliminated our concerns about flooding caused by mid-June hurricanes in Michigan.

We also discovered that this trailer was clad entirely in aluminum and had an excellent match on 40 meters when loaded up using a chunk of RG6 with a big loop of romex used to build the matching network. No, the trailer does not spin on the tower, so to change our directivity we used a combination of connection points on the exterior of the trailer and a large plate capacitor that was attached to the tuning network.

Unfortunately we were disqualified as we were not aware that the use of a small nuclear fission generator did not count as emergency power. For next year we have installed a small hydroelectric generator in the creek off to the left of this picture. We are also going to employ a bank of batteries to supplement the hydro power during the times when we use the California Killowat amplifier.


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