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Nobody has more fun!

Dayton 2008

All photo's by WMPORN Staff Photographer Bruce Sommer N8ODV

Hamvention Hosts PORN!


The WMPORN Group is in Dayton Ohio for Hamvention 2008. This first photo taken by Bruce N8ODV as part of the group began construction of the weekend housing project.


The structure will remain on site until Sunday housing more fun than any ham has a right to. Judging from the number of people taking pictures of the structure sporting the brand new banner supplied by Brad N8KQQ (as shown in the photo) the group will be responsible for many sites placing PORN on their websites in the near future.

People in the area had various reactions to Hamvention hosting a PORN site. Late in the day, when there was small electrical emergency one of the group was heard to say "where are the strippers" another was scrambling to find the strippers which were found in a van parked in the area. Still other people offered to sell us a pair of strippers if we couldn't find ours.


Word on the street was that a new video was to be produced amongst those people participating in this activity. One member of the organization leaked these photo's and indicated that when the video hit the home DVD viewing industry outlets it would be released under the title "Ham's Gone Wild". Many people were speachless and left the area in disbelief at the amounts of obscene technology that they had been exposed to, while others simply took it in stride making comments like "I knew someday it would come to this".

Hamvention is now over, and there was a definate buzz in the air about DStar and all the advancements that have been made since it's introduction. Though not available yet ( to the best of my knowledge) a device was demonstrated at Hamvention that would allow any 9600 baud packet capable radio to operate DStar. I missed alot of things that went on during this years events due to other commitments, but our friends over at DSTar info did a nice job of reporting the events. There is no doubt that DStar is growing and gaining popularity among the amateur radio community.


This tribute is to the beginning of another Dayton Hamvention. This is the first time ever that that WMPORN group has flown a flag over Dayton. We would like to take this chance to welcome you to Dayton Ohio, for the 2008 Hamvention for the 57th edition of Hams Gone Wild!.

This is the antenna for the 900MHz portable repeater that we use, graced with it's new banner.


Also new this year is the WMPORN banner designed to look just like the header on our website. Brad Morton N8KQQ created this banner just for the flea-market spot. This banner drew much attention. It drew enough attention that Popular Communications Magazine chose to interview us about the DStar Reveloution.



This is Dan N8WKM, the webmaster modeling the 2008 WMPORN Hat. Despite the model that was chosen, the hats sold well and by the time Hamvention ended, the only ones left were the ones that we were wearing.


Many people passed through the booth, both old friends stopping by to say hi, and new freinds that we have met before. For many of the people that come by, this is the only time of year that we see them and get to enjoy their company.

Attending the booth in the photo above are from left, Tom Bosscher K8TB, John Parrott W8JP and Sam Nabkey K8SN. These fellows have been coming to Dayton for many years and have accumulated a very large number of friends who share the same interests and hobbies as they do.

This is Charles B. Morton N8KQQ (aka Brad) and his son Brandon KD8DUT. Brad was responsible for all of the signs and banners that we had at the booth this year. Being known as "Bradley Do-Dad" he is quick to inform us of many new little worthless devices he has found at Dayton, that can be modified into something really cool. Brad is a long time Dayton atendee and the West Coast affiliate organizer for WMPORN.



Here we find Erv Beemer K8EB, and Tom Bosscher K8TB chatting in the flea-market. Erv (Mr. Moonbounce) has a station that can be called nothing less than spectacular. Tom is a broadcast engineer who has become a big fan of Hallicrafters radios. Tom's wife is also an extra class operator and he has a difficult time keeping radios he has purchased on his desk.


Here we have some guys that have spent alot of time guiding and helping alot of young people to become hams. On the left is Ron Miedema WA8UMZ long time Grand Rapids are native and junk collector extrorinaire... well it was junk, now it works perfectly. On the right is Mike Bottema K8EX or as he likes to be called "Echo X-Ray". Mike had alot of influence in the early days of this webmasters amateur radio activities. Mike was the first person that I met when I first stopped at the Red Cross to find out what I needed to do to get my amateur radio license.



This is Me, Dan Thompson N8WKM on Sunday morning at Hamvention. After sitting in the booth for two days, I now have enough money to attack the vendors. I know you can't see it, but there really is a smile on my face. Why ?, well what a silly question, do you not see how much cash I have in my hands?


Each year we see new and unique things while in Dayton. There are many people that show up with very diversified interests. Some of those interests are shared by many people, and some of them are shared by only a few. Then there are those who are a little hard to figure out.

This car was found at Hamvention. Words are just not enough to describe it. One thing I am sure of, this fellow has an interest in radio.



I am not so sure what his interest in radio are, but I get the feeling that this is a picture of what happens when Attention Deficit Disorder is not addressed. Most of the time this type of problem is not exposed to the public and is found in the home in something known as "the shack". Apparently with homelessness on the uprise and uncontrolled A.D.D. this is what happens.


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