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Dayton 2012

Photos Contributed by WMPORN members, Copyright 2012


Hail Hail the gangs all here!  

This is the start of another WMPORN Dayton Hamvention Weekend. We would like to get started by sharing this little tidbit of the gang heading over to Hooters for some Wings and Fried Pickles. As the story went, we showed up just in time to take over a reservation for a prom party that didn't show up. Of course we won't speculate as to what the problem was, but we certainly made the best of it. Thannks to those people who made this a fun night.

I plan to update this website during our weekend at Hamvention. Of course that depends on how much time is available to me for doing such things. As a reminder I will say, "the sooner you people come and buy all of the items I am selling the earlier I can get started on updating the website with some pictures and puns".

Well, here we are. I got off to a late start thanks to a few problems, and some phone calls from work, but we all made it to Dayton. When we finally decided to go out for some wings and things, we were happy to find Stephanie, who was our waitress from last year. Though she wasn't our waitress we still were able to talk to her for a little while. She joined in with us while one of her co-workers took this picture.

Sadly, this year Brad and Brandon will not be joining us thanks to an injury that made things like fleamarket shoping a little bit tough for him at this time. Sorry you had to miss out this year Brad and Brandon, you will be missed.

  Wings and Things
The Red Roof Inn!  

This year we have a new banner and a new tent. This photo of the front of the booth shows both. Yes, that does look like the old banner, it's supposed to. While the banner Brad did using vinyl many years ago did us well for a long time, the letter were staring to separate and come off. Mary had a new banner made using a fused dye on vinyl that should last for many more years unless a certain security guard tries to cause problems again.

The new tent while slightly smaller than the three tents that we used before is much nicer, it is sturdier, has side curtains that we used this year to shield us from the sun. Nice job Jeff and Mary, you managed to upgrade our booth again.

I briefly reported earlier that one of our own had been injured earlier in a motorcycle accident. John, N8EOD was involved in a single vehicle accident.

John broke his leg quite badly, but there were no life threatening injuries, just painful. He is going to need a series of surgeries to repair his leg, but should eventually recover. This is a picture that John sent to me while he was in the hospital. This is also the reason that the website wasn't updated as propmptly as I had wanted, as we were trying to contact his wife, Sam and Kara went to the hospital and we all formulated a plan to go recover John's motorcycle and motorhome so that we could get it home for him.

It's now very late, but we are in possesion of the motorhome and John is out of the first surgery, his wife and sister in law have arrived and we will work on securing the motorcyce tomorrow.

  John looks thrilled
Hey this looks familier!  

Well, as I said earlier, our waitress from last year, Stephanie, was with child, so being the cool people we are, we decided to go back to Hooters one more time to get some more wings and things, but also to give her a couple of small gifts. Kind of like a mini baby shower. We thought we would try to recreate a little of last years event with a small modification.

At the end of our meal, we asked Stepahnie to join us, and we gave her our gifts. The girls ran out to Wal-Mart and picked up a jumper and some booties, the guys chimed in with a pair of our famous WMPORN strippers.

This is part where Stephanie was reading the card that we all signed. I suspect that she will never forget us, nor will we forget her. We have a generous and outgoing group and we have never had to pull together more than this year, and once again we all came through with flying colors. Unfortunately for one of us those colors are black and blue.

  Yeah, we still got it.


** Documented Proof is not being released. Offer not good in California, Illinois and some parts of Canada. Battaries not included. Some settling may occur.

The material on this webpage is copyright© 2012 WMPORN™ all rights reserved.

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