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Nobody has more fun!

Dayton 2009

Photos Contributed by WMPORN members, Copyright 2009

WMPORN does Dayton!


The WMPORN Group was in Dayton Ohio for Hamvention 2009. This is shortly after the little red wagon (a.k.a Dan's van) showed up with the construction materials.

In this picture we can see that the contractors began work very quickly to build a robust shelter to house the PORN activities for the weekend.


The structure was said to have been prepared to handle winds in excess of 10 MPH and maintain a dry and climate under sunny conditions. However with most everything built by the WMPORN group, this shelter was also overbuilt and with the help of 8 people withstood winds of more than 20 MPH and the cracks in the pavement provided such drainage that at no time was there more than 1 inch of standing water in the booth!

Here we see Sam and Tom who was pointing out that due to the fact that he had the special black marker pen, that he was the sharpest one in the group (in case you can't tell in the picture he is holding a Sharpie).


Soon after the opening ceremonies (otherwise known as a bunch of tired old hams that had to get out of bed too early growning and muttering while liftiing heavy boxes of goodies from their cars), people began to line up to get a good look at the PORN booth.

Here we have our first look at a customer who came in flashing cash to get attention. It worked! In just a few short minutes we had his cash and he walked away with a smile on his face.


Once again, the WMPORN booth located in the fleamarket at spots 2531, 2532 & 2533 was one of, if not the most photographed booths at hamvention. In this picture the fellow stepped right up to get a picture of one of the new signs that was posted proclaiming our new item this year "Strippers". Yes, WMPORN brought strippers to Dayton Hamvention.


This is long time friend and VIP of WMPORN, Smokin' Joe Bell WD8USA.... Joe has been coming to Dayton for a long time. As a postal worker it is good that he has backup, because even the postman's creed couldn't keep Joe from coming to Dayton.


This is Brad N8KQQ and his son Brandon KD8DUT and their latest project. Brad is the WMPORN gizmo guy and is to thank for our cool signs, strippers and T-Shirts.

Here we see him with one of his overgrown homade toys. What started out to be a childs quad has been seriously modified into Brad's 1/4 scale remote control truck. Yes, Brad was driving it around the fleamarket and using it to carry some of his purchases. The truck has working lights and brakelights along with the ability to start the engine with the remote control. The servos used to control this beast are hacked up windshield wiper motors. This thing was another very popular attraction at the hamfest.


John Boluyt N8EOD out in the fleamarket looking for free stuff. Talking on the phone (where is your radio John?). The gentelman in the booth had a CB Radio for sale for 1.2 trillion dollars, unfortunately he didn't take credit cards or checks.


Next up are Jeff N8FYZ and Robert (not sure if Robert has a callsign yet)who work together at Jeff's radio shop C-Com. This was Roberts first Hamvention and came down with his wife and daughter on Saturday just about the time the weather turned very nasty for the second time in the day.


Again we have Jeff out in the fleamarket presumably looking for DC remotes with his wife Mary. I believe this Hamvention also marks Mary's first time to join in to find out just why Jeff comes to Dayton every spring.


Well, it's Sunday and things are winding down. There is alot less stuff on the table than there was on Friday morning, and everyone is looking forward to getting home and getting a good nights sleep. Just a few more hours and all the prizes will be awarded, the parking lot will be vacant of vendors and Hamvention 2009 will have come to an end.

Don't worry though, Hamvention 2010 will be coming up and once again we will forget about the pain of walking more than normal, the sleeping in motel rooms, the long drive, being at the mercy of Mother Nature and will only remember the fun and friends. We are already making our plans for next year!


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