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Nobody has more fun!

Dayton 2014

Photos Contributed by WMPORN members, Copyright 2014


It's ON!  

This is the 2014 version of the WMPORN booth at Dayton Hamvention. Once again we have managed to have more fun than anyone. Please note that all characters are fictitious and any resemblance to real people is completely intentional. Names have not been changed to protect the innocent.

Please also note that many of us also post on Facebook as well during the event so look for us there too.

Yes, it was wet and cold. Once in awhile the weather for the Dayton weekend is very uncomfortable. This was one of those years. The temperatures remained cold, the wind blew and we had hail. Needless to say we were all a bit uncomfortable at times, but we still managed to have fun.
Here we see John trying to stay warm. At least the tents and the vehicles parked at each end served to keep us dry and block at least some of the wind.
This is also why there is a lack of pictures in the fleamarket this tear since nobody wanted to take their camera out in the crappy weather.

  John is all wet
Paybacks are fun  

Since I did not find a group shot among some of the other peoples pictures I will post this one instead.
This year we added a new place to eat. Little York Tavern and Pizza.
This is Kara at that particular eatery. Usually it is Kara who takes less than flattering photos of other people, however this time she got caught.

Thursday evening dinner was once again at Hooters for chicken wings and fried pickles (at least for some of us). This is kind of a group shot, but unfortunately somehow the idea of being seated together means at tables near each other. In previous years we have all been seated at one big table.


The up side of two tables meant that we had room for additional people who showed up making this our largest turn out at Hooters ever. Bob, Dave and Joe all joined us for dinner. So far these two pictures make up my best group shot. Unfortunately not everyone is in this picture.

It takes all kinds to make Hamvention what it is. For years there has been a guy who has a tiny tower on his hat, but this girl is committed as that is all a part of her hairdo. I wonder how long it took her to put that up before arriving, and even more I wonder if she was able to sleep with it like that.

  Major Commitment!
Hurricane Hara Hits Dayton!  

Each year there seems to be a minor disaster or two. This year was no exception. Even though it was cold, the wind was very persistant. By Sunday the weather had warmed up and the wind was a bit stronger. In this picture we see that much of the trash rolling around the parking lot was deposited in this fellow's van apparently by the microburst wind gusts that happened throught the morning.

So we conducted an experiment in social behaviour. We loaded a briefcase with an old and heavy Standard Marine Radio along with a folded up one dollar bill. The dollar bill was folded in such a way that it was obvious it was US currency however the denomination was obscured. It was then taped inside and allowed to portrude through the edge of the briefcase.
The briefcase was set at an empty spot where we could watch it and see what people did.
First came this female who checked it out. It seems we forgot to lock the latches on the briefcase so she is able to check it out easily.


Ding, ding, ding, she walks away. Either she does not understand how the Sunday morning thing at Hamvention works or the big Midstate Security sticker on the side or finding the dollar bill taped inside made her feel that someone else still wanted it, or she just plain had no interest in it. Of course I would ask, if she had no interest why did she look in the first place?

Our next subject ( a male separated from his pack and hunting alone) notices the briefcase and begins to look around. He then picks the briefcase up and feels the weight and notices the money. He then removes the money pulling it from between the closed edge of the case AND being taped to the inside with 3M packing tape (it didn't "fall" out into his hand).

  What have we here?
Nobody is watching, think I will re-home this baby.  

Now this guy has a couple of choices to make. You see, we managed to recover after the female looker and got one of our people over to lock the briefcase. He decides he is going to open it. What if there are more dollar bills inside? Finding the briefcase locked he takes the Ham initiative to determine the item isn't his an places it back on the ground.. Oh wait, he pulled out his jacknife and forceably opened the latches. After all, locks only keep honest people out. A few moments later the whole thing was dumped in his wagon and he was on his way. That experiment didn't last so long... next year we need to incorporate a tazer to make our fun last longer. So, if you are reading this and are at Hamvention on Sunday morning in 2015 and see some interesting item sitting all alone and lonely out in the parking lot... think tazer. Do you really want it that bad?

Ok, finally got kind of a group shot. This one is I guess kind of a selfie of most of the group that bring "More FUN!" to Dayton each year.

  Time to go!


** Documented Proof is not available. Offer not good in California, Illinois and some parts of Nevada. Canada has now been approved. Brain cells may be damaged during delivery. Some settling may occur. *** Curmudgeons may be present.

The material on this webpage is copyright© 2014 WMPORN™ all rights reserved.

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