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Ok Gent's here is the deal.

WMPORN Hats are now available. Below is an example of what the hats look like. The embroidery is a high quality stitch on a 5 panel hat. Cost is $15 each or $18 with your callsign embroidered on the back of the hat

We also have patches suitable for sewing on to a hat, jacket or shirt. These patches look like the ones labled as #5 in the picture below. Cost on the patches is $5.00 each. Also available are bumper stickers in various sizes that can be made to whatever size you want up to 8 inches in diameter that use the same artwork as the patches.

  • #3 slightly larger without "Privately Owned Repeater Network"
  • #2 As is covering a majority of the front of the hat.
  • #1 With placing the Lettering together at the bottom of the logo like they are in the picture below.
  • Finally, we will be able to select our style and color of hat. Because Astrid is not at a show she can get anything in the catalog and is not limited to what she has with her. First go to her website:
    Then click on the word "here" that will take you to her suppliers website. USE Firefox or Opera or older Internet Explorer, IE7 will not work on that site!!!
    Once there holding your mouse over "by catagory" that will bring up a drop down menu. In the second column of the menu will be "headwear". She can work with any of the things listed. Because of the coloring I am going to suggest that a color like kahki or sandstone be used, or one of the hats that has a white front panel. Black and Navy will not work well with this as it is embroidered and the color of the hat is the background color.

    Most important of all is you need to email me with what you want. Use the product number with a color for the hat, or just say, get me one of whatever you are getting if you really don't have a preferance. Also if you want a patch or two or three tell me about that too. I would also like to hear your input on what you like best for the hat logo. Please stick to the design comments that I described above. We already know there are more choices, but they were ruled out for technical reasons so they aren't choices afterall.

    Finally, here is the worst part of this email. The part where I tell you that I am not generous enough to buy this stuff for you. Unfortunately Todd & Astrid are also not that generous, so you are going to have to pay for what you get. The hat will cost $15 and the patch will cost $10. I am still considering some screen printed elcheapo knockoffs to be sold at Dayton, but that is a whole different story.

    Ok, so you have been reading this far, interested? Want to comment on what logo we should use? Want to have your very own hat or patch with the West Michigan Privately Owned Repeater Network logo plastered all over it? Well, get on the stick and give me a call at BR-549 (the older folks will get that one) or send email to

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