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Nobody has more fun!

Dayton 2013

Photos Contributed by WMPORN members, Copyright 2013


Hail Hail the gangs all here!  

This is where we will be posting some interesting photos and ponderings during this years Dayton Hamvetion. Last year included an impromptu baby shower for a waitress along with witnessing many new and fun activities *** at Hamvention.

I was not able to update this year in quite the same way that I have done in years past, however here it is. This is the group picture that was taken at Hooter's on Thursday evening after we got the boot all ready for the weekend.

I guess I can start out by introducing our latest inductee to the hall of .. well whatever, she came out and enjoyed the fun. John you may recognize from Hamventions past, however this year he convinced Julie to join us for her first look to see just what a Hamvention is. The good news is that she is still talking to us.

  Julie and John at Hooters
New Waitress This Year  

This year we had a new waitress. Our experiences in the past with Stephanie were great, but Chelsea stepped right up to the plate and did an excellent job. She helped make our dinner more fun. Thank you for playing along.

As long as I am covering Thursday night's dinner, I might as well get around to introducing another Ham who graciously took the group photo for us, along with this photo so that we would be sure to remember him. This man is one of the people who were at Hamvention representing Alpha Amplifiers, and they were having fun too.

  Alpha Man!
Houston we have indigestion!  

Well, slightly out of order, but here we are putting things together one more time. Each year we discover some problem, but not once have we let that cause us not to have fun anyway. We will always get by and will always have fun.

Well, it's Friday morning and we have managed to drag our tired butts out of bed and arrive in time to fill the tables with things to sell. This view of course is from the customers side of the table.

  Back in business!
The Store Is Open  

And here we have a view from behind the table. This was one of the busiest Friday mornings that I can remember. All those stacks of drives were nearly depleated by the end of day one.

Yeah, all of those hard drives, and Kara was collecting a load of cash. We still don't know just how much she actually took in, but she seemed to have plenty of money for the rest of the weekend.

The Morton Gang.  

After missing last year due to an injury, Brad and Brandon are back doing their thing. Brad brought a new toy this year that is kind of like a Segway, but not. All I can say is nobody got hurt.

Fortunately we have one young body along to help with some of the tasks that need to be done. He takes it all in stride and has fun too. This kid is awesome and has been a great addition to the group.

  Tipacanoe and Tyler Too.
Hail Hail the gangs all here!  

What can I say. I am here doing my thing. This year with a new item to sell, Self Contained Disposable Grills. Unfortunately as it turned out, lots of people would have bought them if it were not for the no open flame policy in the fleamarket imposed by the city of Trotwood.

Another local Michigan ham who has a booth a short distance away.

  Mike Was Here!
Hail Hail the gangs all here!  

Bruce decided to model the latest in WMPORN Rainwear. Yes, we did have some rain on Saturday, but it really was not too bad. It only caused us some grief for a couple of hours and then moved on. Fortunately it did not get cold either so it was no major big deal except for Tyler, who now understands why the rest of us have a spare pair of shoes at the arena.

Well there are those who may be aware that there is possibly a double entendre in that message. However, since one of our little problems was that the Garage Sale signs of years past did not make it on the wagon train, so new ones were purchased and put into service.

  But there is always a rotten apple.
Well see, the sign is wrong.  

Well, what have we here. It appears another old aquaintance from the past has arrived. What do you know, the sign was wrong... but only temporarily.


** Documented Proof is not available. Offer not good in California, Illinois and some parts of Canada. Battaries not included. Some settling may occur. *** Not all activites are sanctioned by normal sane human beings.

The material on this webpage is copyright© 2013 WMPORN™ all rights reserved.

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